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Valorie Evans, LMSW

Owner/ Lead Therapist 

Ms. Valorie Evans, LMSW is the lead Clinical Social Worker/Therapist at Upsurge. Ms. Evans has worked with individuals, families, couples and groups over the past 12 years providing guidance and support to help resolve issues causing discomfort.​ Ms. Evans graduated from Marygrove College in 2005 with a Bachelors in Social Work and from Wayne State University in 2007 with a Masters in Social Work. She is a fully licensed Clinical Social Worker with the State of Michigan (License #6801089854). 
Ms. Evans worked at a non-profit Organization in Southwest Detroit for 10 years as the Director of Prevention Services working with youth and families in various capacities. After recognizing that many Children and Families of Color mental health needs were not being met she decided to start Upsurge! Ms. Evans has been a faculty instructor at Wayne State University since 2015 helping to prepare future Social Workers. She teaches courses in Social Work Practice and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. 

Ms. Evans has also worked contractually  since 2016 providing counseling to individuals and families with open Child Protective Services (CPS) cases, pregnant and parenting girls and women, and other vulnerable populations. Ms. Evans has been successful in helping alleviate symptoms with individuals experiencing addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, hyperactivity, and much more.  


Erin Lyons, LLMSW


Erin works with individuals, couples and groups providing a comfortable and calming space to work out life’s challenges. Many individuals come in with patterns of behavior that can be difficult to escape. The pressures of modern society creates unique challenges. Our clients need a space to work out these stresses, anxieties and addictive patterns. Many clients work on strengthening their identity, emotional balance, acceptance in relationships and individual growth.
Erin offers a variety of healing methods: holistic therapy, storytelling, spiritual work, family and cognitive therapies. Erin combines methods to support the clearing of anything that keeps you from experiencing your true self. Erin will work with you to heal the parts that have been holding you back. Great job reaching out for support, getting on your path of healing and growing your strengths! We look forward to working with you!
Erin Lyons is a Limited Licensed Clinical Social Worker graduated from Wayne State University with an Undergraduate Degree in Social Work, 2019 and a Graduate degree in Social Work, 2020. Erin has a broad range of experience working in Community Mental Health, with children, families, and in recovery groups for a variety of addictions.


Fai Cheleuka, LLMSW


Ms. Fai Cheleuka, LLMSW is a multifaceted Social Worker with over 13 years of experiences working with individuals, families, couples, groups and organizations.  She is passionate about serving, and advocating on behalf of, vulnerable and disenfranchised populations that are further marginalized by unjust processes and systems.  Ms. Cheleuka graduated from Oakland Community College in 2008 with an Associate’s in Liberal Arts and again in 2011 with an Associate’s in Mental Health/ Social Work. She continued her education at Oakland University and graduated with her Bachelor’s in Social Work (BSW) in 2015. In 2020 she concluded her graduate studies at Wayne State University, earning a Master’s in Social Work (MSW) with a concentration in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  Ms. Cheleuka currently possesses a Limited License with the State of Michigan (License #6801106990) and will be eligible for her full licensure in 2022. In addition, Ms. Cheleuka is the Ambassador of Health for Malawi with World Medical Relief, INC and an active member of the National Associations of Social Workers (NASW) and the American Society of Public Administration (ASPA).

Ms. Cheleuka has been working with and managing Adult Foster Care (AFC) homes since 2008 and co-founded a medical and mental health clinic in Malawi Africa in 2013. Additionally, she has worked with the 43rd District court in Hazel Park, MI with individuals released from prison on probation, a shelter in Pontiac, Michigan to assist individuals faced with homelessness and other high-risk factors, and within an addiction treatment facility in Waterford, MI primarily with women struggling with a Substance Use Disorder.
Ms. Cheleuka has dedicated her life to serving people and this is where her comfort resides. She has been successful in advocating on behalf of clients, connecting clients to resources, and helping them to resolve individual and systematic problems that prevent them from obtaining their personal goals.


Asif Khan, LLMSW


Mr. Asif Khan has over 25 years of experience working in various environments helping people get past their concerns, overcome their fears, and increase their functioning in life. He has worked with individuals, families, and groups, of all ages, suffering with addiction, anxiety, depression, trauma, aging complications, caregiver strain, relationship strain, and a host of other barriers. 

Mr. Khan graduated from the University of Michigan in 2006 with a Bachelors in Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive Behavior. He later earned a Masters in Social Work and a Certification in Dementia from Eastern Michigan University in 2019. Mr. Khan is licensed through the State of Michigan to practice Social Work (License #6801105059). 

“As far as I can remember, I was taught to listen, never judge, and help. I am passionate in helping you find a solution to live a productive life”.   Asif Khan 

Fluent in the following Languages: English, Urdu & Pashtu


Danielle Horn, LLMSW


Ms. Horn has over 8 years of experience working in the mental health field, primarily with children, adolescents, and families. She also has had several years of experience working with adults ages 18 through 80. Ms. Horn has successfully worked one-on-one and in groups with individuals to help teach new skills, build emotional resilience, and access resources, all of which are needed to problem solve, cope and deal with life difficulties.

Ms. Horn received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wayne State University in 2014. She then went on to obtain her Master of Arts in Human Service Counseling: Marriage and Family from Liberty University in 2017 and then her Master of Social Work: Clinical from Walden University in 2021. Throughout her years in the field, Ms. Horn has worked with individuals in inpatient psychiatric hospitals, children diagnosed with autism, individuals with low and medium functioning capacity, and individuals struggling with substance abuse. Although she takes an individualized approach to treatment she feels that it is always important to provide education, promote independence, and provide a safe non-judgmental environment for healing and change.

Ms. Horn believes that the first step in Healing is asking for HELP! She states “Attempting to face life’s challenges everyday ALONE gets overwhelming, difficult, scary exhausting and can even be too much and too difficult for the average person to deal with on their own. More than likely, many of us that are facing these difficult challenges, already have the solutions to our problems and already know the answers to our questions. But it takes for someone else to help us bring it into our awareness. And that’s why I am here!” Her goal is to work with individuals by being an encouraging support and helping others to identify and utilize their inner strengths.

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